featuring Chris Pine, Becky Chambers, Liberty Hardy, Jade Song, and more!
on trying purposefully NOT to do it the same old way all the time.
On the question of who gets to be an expert and how "expertise" in publishing irks me.
Maximalism, pitching & how many seconds we spend on average reading an email, John West's Lesson and Carols, Maggie Nelson, Tiktok, and a kiss list!
a showcase of our spring 2023 titles with resolutions to go with each one. Back to our scheduled programming of publicity tips & tricks in 2023! See you…
in which all our favorite books exist in one degree of Kevin Bacon. (P.S. This is written by Zoe-Aline Howard, publicist at Pine State, and brilliant…
on Oldster and Memoir Monday, Julie Buntin, MFA brain, reviewing, clout, and how we find books.
A note (mostly) against the blues of the Twitter high seas.
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