I came here for the mention of Julie Buntin who I LOVE. Didn’t expect such a kind shout out! Thank you for sharing all of your brilliance with us 💖

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I mostly buy used and like to support a local bookstore that dedicates the space and time. That’s where I broke down and bought my own copy of Housekeeping (so cheap; why not?). It’s also a good place to perform speculative postmortems on books. Lots of copies of a book often means the book was very popular or was part of a school curriculum, but finding a recently published book (say, of poetry) probably means someone was gifted a dud and quickly ditched it.

So lots of Robinson Crusoe, in various editions. A downside might be very few books by authors that readers hold on to, say Philip K. Dick.

Waiting a year or two on a new book is a good way to let fizz dissipate.

Used book bonuses include the stuff left behind: inscriptions, highlighting, bookmarks, dog-ears, shopping lists, marginalia, review copy inserts.

I usually pick a book by leafing through lots of other books. Randomness and serendipity.

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First of all, you will LOVE The Art of Gathering. I think about it all the time, especially in relation to community-building.

Also, this inspired me to share more of what I'm reading and loving. I keep a note in my phone and jot down books any time a title catches my interest - friends, newsletters, round ups, NPR interviews, nosing around the library, etc. My best method for finding books is my book club. The person who is hosting sends out 4 options and we vote, then read the winning book. I love this because, in addition to a great book club pick, I get 3 bonus recommendations every month. It's genius!

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Thanks for the shoutout!!

How do I find books? Word of mouth, book clubs, other book newsletter writers, twitter, reviews, hanging out in bookstores and libraries.

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My favorite way to find things to read is to read what my favorite writers are reading! Thanks to Priya Parker's Art of Gathering, I found Ida Benedetto's Patterns of Transformation (and then Johan Huizinga). I discovered Mary Ruefle thanks to Austin Kleon (same with the Moomins and Lynda Barry!) & David Naiman, Donald Winnicott thanks to Lynda Barry, Natalia Ginzburg (and maybe Clarice Lispector?) thanks to Jenny Offill, and Maria Tatar thanks to Amber Sparks! (I love going down a rabbit hole of recommendations/footnotes). I'll use the interlibrary loan to try out a lot of these books, and if I feel like I want to spend more time with them, I'll buy them.

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